Hello. We are Sole Priority.

  • We are an independent creative agency and sourcing agent that strives to blend best-in-class design with unparalleled value. We are committed to being your complete resource for all things footwear, ranging from design to sourcing and establishing critical relationships globally.
  • With our combined 40+ years of industry experience, in partnership with our diverse global network, we’ve learned to collaborate with internal and external design teams and factories to help create designs that transcend time. We have spent the entirety of our careers in this business and feel we are differentiated in our collective experience that spans decades and almost all categories.
  • Through our scope of services, we can help you bring your brand to life and your products to market, from inspiration to reality. We aim to make our clients feel prepared, engaged and inspired to take on their challenges while delivering on their brand values, all for a value that we believe is at the forefront of the market.
  • At Sole Priority, we are here to serve as a resource to you and create the future of your brand together.


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